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TPOCC observes Transgender Day of Remembrance & Resilience

TPOCC observes Transgender Day of Remembrance & Resilience

Trans People of Color Coalition is launching the #BeTheChange Campaign from now until 2013 to remember those trans* people who’s lives have been taken by others or by themselves; and to remember that we are still here, living, breathing, resisting, loving - trying to find ways to thrive.

Consistently, when we look at the statistics of anti-LGBTQ hate violence, we see that it is trans*women and trans*women of color who face the brunt of hate violence and murders.

There is a need for us not just remember those of us who are gone, but also those of us who are are on the inside of the prisons and jails, as well as those of us who survive on the outside. For the next two months we encourage for you to bring your stories to this tumblr site and share your experiences of discrimination as well as your activism and the ways that you and your communities are fighting back. For more information check out similar posts throughout these months about how to get involved in the fight against trans* violence. Become a member of TPOCC and #BeTheChange.

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